Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Beginning

Life has come at me rather swiftly and I have found my dance with God to have taken 2nd place. I went to Bible College, entered ministry, fell in love, got married, had a child, left ministry to provide for our family… Ten years later I find a yearning for something more.

I know that something has nothing to do with my wife, family or career. I am extremely happy with where I am at, yet I find that God's presence is not as close or fresh as it once was. I find that I get less revelation from the Word when I read it, and my prayer time is dry. Kinda like talking to myself... Basically, my dance has become a walk, and that has even grown stale.

It's not that I don't love Jesus, because I do. He just hasn't been my priority. First I got caught up in studies and ministry and then in the day to day challenges of being a husband and father. I understand that I have been in a season of life, but I want more. I yearn for more. I want to woo and be wooed by the Lover of my Soul.

This blog/journal is my feeble attempt to document, chronicle, kick start, hold myself accountable, or whatever, this dance. I run the risk of falling flat on my face as I am not going to allow this to be a "Church" or man made thing. Our current church home is not on the "cutting edge of any charismatic move of God, but His presence is very strong there. I find ,yself more excited about church and faith then I have been for a long time.

This journey is between God and I. If anyone read it so be it. That's me being vulnerable and transparent.

Let the romance begin anew.

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